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Pursing a Creative Way of Living

I owe all of my creativity to my mom. Even before I was born she was crocheting and scrapbooking. I remember one of my first projects she had helped me with in the 3rd grade. It was for my science class and I had to make a model of the planet Jupiter. Most kid's parents would buy clay, or paint a ball, but my mom was not like most parents. So what does my mom come up with? Paper mâché. It actually turned out pretty bad, and I believe we redid it a few times, and at some point added tin foil to help try salvage it. Then there was another project where we had to read a bibliography on a celebrity, and then make a doll of it. I had chosen Princess Diana and had no idea how to make a doll of her. My mom came up with the idea to make her head out of a plastic canvas sphere, that you stitch through the squares in order to make a design. That one actually turned out very well, from what I remember.

My mom had had a "normal" job, and was a single mother, for more than half my life. While I was in middle school she got remarried and had two kids. She then became a stay at home mom, but wanted to keep busy, not that raising a hormonal teenager, and two rambunctious boys didn't keep her busy enough. Soon she began to pick her up crafting skills again, and started crocheting. She started making baby blankets, mermaid tail cocoon blankets, and the famous pink pussyhats. She opened up an Etsy and started to pursue her creative way of living, the rest is history. By the time I was in high school she had purchased a vinyl machine to originally cut fabric, since she now was expanding her Etsy. Well back then, I was ALL into monogramming, and didn't want to pay ten dollars for a decal. So my mom ordered some vinyl and said I could use her machine. Next thing I knew, I had an Etsy shop that was strictly vinyl... or so I thought. Soon I wasn't making just decals, I had started making home decor, graduation caps, and even made my high school's prom party favors. My mom took care of all the logistics of the Etsy while I just filled the orders. Without her help and knowledge of running not only a small business, but a business that is all handmade, ADA SWIM would not be alive.

Check back into tomorrow for the birth story of ADA SWIM.





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