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sustainable affordable swimwear
Our Story
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In 2020, quite literally in the middle of a pandemic, Bethany Osborn founded adaswim. She always felt that creativity ran through her veins and frequently found herself wanting a unique outlet for this creativity. Her mother taught her to sew when she was young, so one day during the pandemic while shopping Bethany realized how often she was buying suits that only lasted a year or two before they started to wear. As the high prices did not align with quality and longevity, she decided to give it a go on her own. Bethany picked up a sewing machine and, for her, history was made. When showing the product to roommates and friends, she received words of encouragement to start a small business.

The Birth of Adaswim

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The Drive for Sustainability

However, something stood in the way. Living in Hawai'i, Bethany saw firsthand the repercussions of plastic and various waste. She did not want to be a part of an industry that contributed to ~92 million tons of textile waste yearly. If this was going to happen, every detail needed to be ecologically and ethically conscious. Bethany is deeply passionate about creating a sustainable company because she wants to protect the environment and ensure that her business does not add to the global waste crisis. Her dedication to sustainability is rooted in a profound respect for nature and a desire to preserve the planet for future generations. This drive is also influenced by the pristine beauty of Hawai'i, where the impacts of pollution and waste are starkly visible. Bethany believes that every business has a responsibility to reduce its environmental footprint and that sustainable practices should be the norm, not the exception.

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Sustainable Practices

Eventually, through extensive research and testing, she found sustainable options that utilize repurposed waste. All the fabric used by adaswim is made from post-consumer plastics, including recycled yarn, recycled fishing nets, and other recycled materials. The thread is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, and all shipping packaging is biodegradable. The clothing tags are made with seed paper, which not only biodegrades but also blooms into wildflowers when planted. All of the swimsuits are handmade by Bethany herself in her studio with good intentions and made to order in order to reduce waste. Made to order ensures there is no excess inventory waste, unlike larger companies that hold onto unsold stock. While it may take longer for customers to receive their suits after ordering, this process guarantees quality and transparency, allowing customers to know exactly where their swimsuits are being made and from what materials. By choosing adaswim, customers are supporting a brand that prioritizes the health of our planet and promotes a sustainable future.

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