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In 2020, quite literally in the middle of a pandemic, Bethany Osborn founded adaswim. She always felt that creativity ran through her veins and frequently found herself wanting a unique outlet for this creativity.  Her mother taught her to sew when she was young, so one day during the pandemic while shopping Bethany realized how often she was buying suits that only lasted a year or two before they started to wear. As the high prices did not align with quality and longevity she decided to give it a go on her own. Bethany picked up a sewing machine and for her, history was made. 


When showing the product roommates and friends, she received words of encouragement to start a small business. however something stood in the way. Living in Hawai'i, Bethany saw firsthand the repercussions of plastic and various waste.   She did not want to be a part of an industry that contributed to~92 million tons of textile waste yearly. If this was going to happen, every detail needed to be ecologically and ethically conscious. Eventually, through extensive research and testing, she found sustainable options that utilize repurposed waste. 


Originally designed on the floor of her bedroom which bethany shared with her best friend. Production soon snuck up to the kitchen counter, then promptly overflowed onto the kitchen floor. Fast forward two years later, demand led her on the search for a larger workshop. Of course it had to be ethically owned and operated. Recently this dream came to fruition when Bethany found just the right team. A workshop functioning with fair labour practices where the workers- believe it or not, create their own pricing in order to make comfortable wages. Now all suits are ethically produced on the island of Bali in Indonesia, shipped directly to Hawai'i and then off to you!

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