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    Founder & CEO

    At 21 years old, Bethany founded adaswim in july of 2020 on the floor of her bedroom. She currently resides on the island of O'ahu in hawai'i. You can find her at the beach, where the majority of her time is occupied behind a camera lens, swimming, surfing, or laying out thinking up her next project. She considers adaswim her baby and handles all fulfillment, customer service, accounting, design, and more. If you reach out via email or Instagram she will most likely be the one responding to you!


    Lead Seamster

    Born and raised on the island of Bali, Hasan was taught to sew by his father. He has been sewing for over 20 years and earned the title of lead seamster at our workshop. Hasan makes his own schedule, but he prefers to work 9-5 in order to be able to drop his 3 kids off at school and be home in time for dinner. He sets his own wages and loves every part of his job. You can still find Hasan behind the sewing machine stitching final stitches, but his main role is quality control. He ensures all of our suits stitched to perfection before being shipped to us in Hawai'i!



    Marketing Manager

    Kaitlin grew up in Arizona but always knew she needed to be closer to the ocean. As an ocean lover and outdoor enthusiast, you can always find her in the water and under the sun.  Just recently, she completed her degree in communicology at UH Manoa! Her passion for ocean conservation started when she was a little girl, and has always dreamed of making a difference to protect the sea. As our marketing manager, Kaitlin is always using her creative eye to make sure our social media pages look just as cute as our suits. Kaitlin specializes in videography, copywriting, and editing. 

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