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Sizing Guide

*all measurements are in inches*

This size guide provides general assistance in determining your size in adaswim products. Please note that exact measurements may vary depending on the style. For precise sizing information, refer to the provided sizing description for each product.


How to Measure:


Bust Measurement: To measure your bust, position the tape measure 1-2 inches below your armpit on one side, wrap it around your back, and return to the starting point. Ensure you measure at the widest point of your chest.


Waist Measurement: Locate the midpoint between your belly button and the bottom of your ribs. Wrap a tape measure around this area to obtain your waistline measurement.


Hip Measurement (low): Determine where your hip bone ends. Measure the lower part of your hips by placing the tape measure approximately where the zipper of your jeans would terminate (roughly 3-4 inches below your high hip) and circle around.

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