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Aloha ADA babes!

On this blog I will be filling you all in on the behind the scenes of ADA SWIM, who I am, where it came from, and our future plans. First let me introduce myself. My name is Bethany and I am the owner and designer of ADA SWIM. As a child I moved all over the place, from Sicily, Mississippi, Maryland, and North Carolina. Once I graduated high school in Raleigh, I picked up everything and moved to the beautiful island of Oahu. Moving here I knew no one, except for a girl I had met virtually on Facebook prior to moving. I had found an apartment off campus that had other students my age and could NOT wait to move in. As the plane was landing and all the butterflies were arising, I was realizing I WAS MOVING TO PARADISE. So I arrive at the apartment, (that I had only seen online,) and there's no A.C., lots of cockroaches, and quiet hours, but I didn't even care, I was finally here, in Hawaii, something that everyone doubted I would do. Keep in mind this is a four bedroom apartment that consisted of two girls in each room... Yes you did the math right, that's EIGHT girls people. But we were all freshman and just moving to the island, full of stoke, and were ready to take it all in. You all are probably wondering, how the hell did that work?! Well my ADA babes, yes there were some fall outs, I mean what do you expect with eight different cycles under one roof? BUT there were many more amazing moments that out weighed the fall outs. In that apartment I found the most genuine friends I had ever had. We were the 304 girls. So it's the first Friday after move in, and the apartment complex throws this little pizza pool party. It was definitely one of the lamest things we had ever been to, but we went. That is when we meet the 206 boys. They were a group of childhood friends that had grown up in Maui, and moved to Honolulu for school. We all instantly clicked, it was 304 girls and the 206 boys ALL YEAR LONG. Long story short, after that first year, in that bummy apartment, the closest of us girls got a house and the boys got a house. We have been living together for three years now. This group, of now six, are the actual reason ADA SWIM came to life. A lot has happened in between, and don't worry I'll fill you in soon!

Check back in tomorrow for more!





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